Challenging Spirit

North Hills breeds, trains, and manages racehorses as an owner breeder. We make every effort to raise and train horses as well as or better than training and breeding operations in Europe, America and other countries which breed race horse.

Company Info

Established December, 1984
Major activity Racehorse breeding training
Address 198-5 Biu Niikappu-cho,Niikappu-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 0592344
Land area 120ha
Osaka Branch 3-3-10 Umeda,kita-ku,Osaka,Japan 5300001


North Hills is a breeding farm and training center consisting of 120 ha. in Niikappu-cho, Hokkaido, Japan.
It is situated in magnificent natural surroundings in the mountains near Shizunai on the island of Hokkaido. 
Included in the farm are complete facilities for the breeding and training of Thoroughbred horses.


he pastures of the farm come into vies while driving up a sloped, scenic entrance road.
Flowers and landscaping greet the visitor to the farm in all seasons of the year.
The 800 meter road leading to the office is designed and landscaped to draw attention to the natural beauty of the farm.

Lot area 120ha  
Stables Barn for mares and foals
Barn for mares
Barn for training horses
Barn for yearlings


Challenging Spirit

Daisen Hills is a training center that boasts of a domestic top level. 
We train racehorses from early breaking to their debut at the races.
We focus our efforts on training racehorses by using a suitable trainig
menu for the individual, their ability, condition and soundness.

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